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We don’t have a full crystal ball but here is one thing I do know. In every downturn, uncertainty or slowdown, our team has grown in market share. We love when it’s a less than perfect market. Why? Because it’s when being a consultant and expert matters the most. 
Buyers still need to move. Sellers still need to sell. It’s a basic need for survival and we all need somewhere to be quarantined (worst case☺️). So here is what you do. 
1. Get out in front of communication with your clients
2. Get creative on how you can service your clients with less face to face
3. Be the leader in your community and support your schools, local businesses, elderly neighbors and people who are immune deficient. 
4. Reread the book, Shift
5. Take advantage of this time to build your database and lead generate like crazy. You will have a captive audience with lots of people online and on their phones.
Your clients and sphere will always remember who helped them during times of need and stress. Be prepared to grow and go get your unfair share of the market!

Wes Jones, managing broker with Keller Williams near Bellevue, Washington shares best practices for protecting against health risks at open houses.
Home Selling in the Age of Coronavirus:
It’s a Whole Different World

In the not so distant past,  Seattle open houses were packed with home buyers eagerly poking their heads in closets, perusing spec sheets, munching on snacks, and offering bids above asking price in this ultracompetitive market.

Then on Jan. 20, a Washington state resident became the first confirmed case of the coronavirus in the U.S.—and slowly but surely, everything changed.
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